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How To Be Taken Seriously At Work


Women have always had a harder time being taken seriously at work than their male counterparts. Though more women are holding key positions in the workplace, the sad truth is that office gender politics still come into play, which makes every day a struggle for most women as they strive to let their colleagues know that they are a force to be reckoned with.

However, there are ways to let people know that you mean business. Apart from your business skills, tweaking your appearance, attitude, and habits will all help add to your credibility in the workplace. Here are some tips on how to be taken seriously at work.

Dress appropriately

Someone who dresses inappropriately for the workplace can be deemed as incompetent or indifferent in her work. As previously reported by Jobs & Hire, what you wear to the office says a lot about you. Avoid wearing anything too short or too low cut. Wear well-fitting pieces and keep makeup clean and light. Show that you care about your appearance by going to work in neatly pressed outfits, clean and scuff-free shoes, and matching accessories that enhance your look.

Don’t engage in office gossip

Anyone who wants to be taken seriously at work should avoid spreading rumors in the office. Talking badly about a person reflects on the talker and is a waste of time and energy. Keep office interactions positive and never spread hate in the workplace.

Don’t get into a romantic relationship with a co-worker or your boss

Getting romantically involved with a co-worker, or your boss, is definitely a no-no. You don’t want to give the office gossips more fodder, and moreover, doing this will only jeopardize your career. If the relationship does not go well, either one of you will have to leave or things could get very awkward in the office if both of you decide to stay.

Don’t do your hair and makeup at your desk

There’s a time and place for fixing yourself, and your desk is not it. Head to the ladies room to retouch your makeup or fix your hair. Moreover, avoid constant primping at your desk by using long lasting products at home. Opt for oil-free foundations, sheer lipsticks, and cream blush, which last longer and allow you to go longer without touch ups.

Don’t get emotional

Keep your cool in the office and keep your emotions in check. Under no circumstance should you cry, scream, or get overly emotional in the workplace as it can make your co-workers uncomfortable. Remember that while crying or getting angry is a normal reaction to certain situations in life, it shouldn’t be done in the office.

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