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How to Reduce Admin and Save Time Using HR Software

How to Reduce Admin and Save Time Using HR Software

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Investing in high-quality and easy to use HR software can simplify - or automate - your company's administration duties, saving your business time and money in the process. 

But what are some of the main features of HR software that could lead to reduced administration time? How exactly do the robust technologies within the suite of tools save time? 

Today, we're going to take a closer look at how to reduce your admin workload using HR software. Before we get started, it's important to understand that businesses measure success using KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and that these indicators are all measurable and reportable using HR software. Let's begin. 

Onboarding Made Easy

Employees are the lifeblood of any company. Attracting top talent can mean the difference between landing bigger contracts and scratching around for smaller clients to place repeat orders to help the company remain financially viable. How does a company attract top talent? First impressions count. 

HR software can help you to wow your new staff by never letting you forget the things that are important to all new starters. For example, reminders over workstation setup, email and IT configurations, and any necessary training sessions can all help your HR staff to plan for new arrivals while also helping the fresh faces in the office feel wanted and welcome.

Without a staged onboarding procedure, you risk losing time over the completion of ad hoc administrative duties. 

Automated Timesheet Reporting

Measuring the time taken to complete tasks is a central KPI for all companies across industries. Why? Because where the company takes on the cost of the resources required to complete the task, and where those resources are not at least recouped in revenue, the company will lose money. 

Automated timesheets mean that your individual staff members can take ownership of time recording tasks. Integrating systems across your business means that reports can be generated, highlighting where your staffing resources are meeting KPI requirements, or where they are stretched and failing to prove cost-effective.

Centralise All Employee Data

Moving staff details from one system to another requires time. First, your HR staff will need to know which details are required and where to find them. Next, they will need to know how to migrate the data - and that may require training. 

Instead of trawling through emails and spreadsheets (or even through staff comments left on messaging platforms), HR software will centralise your data in one easy to navigate dashboard. 

The beneficial aspects of a reduction in admin do not begin and end with saving time. Your company will also likely experience a reduction in factors such as data loss and errors pertaining to manual data entry or non-compliance.

Feedback Sessions

Once you have the right staff in the right roles, and once their daily working needs are addressed, you may also wish to consider the time-saving benefits of feedback sessions.

Some HR software will come with built-in templates for feedback sessions. If your one-on-one time continues to fall through the net, HR software can help you plan and keep on top of those regular catch up meetings. 

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