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3 Powerful Tips to Manage Documents More Easily in SharePoint

3 Powerful Tips to Manage Documents More Easily in SharePoint

(Photo : 3 Powerful Tips to Manage Documents More Easily in SharePoint)

Whether you're running a well-established corporation or you're just putting together a startup, one of the common factors is that documents will be involved in both situations. We need documents for a wide range of activities and, as the company grows, so will the documentation that's required for the business to work properly. 

Therefore, due to the rapid increase in documentation, businesses reach a limit where manual document management is no longer feasible (for startups, this point is reached once you start hiring new team members). 

As a result, you have the option to either allocate human resources who will be solely in charge of managing the documentation or implement a powerful Document Management System (DMS) like SharePoint. Now, SharePoint is quite popular in the business world, but it has a few areas where it could use a bit of polishing. 

Therefore, in today's piece, we will mention three ways to improve your SharePoint experience and update your DMS usage. 

#1: Use and Find Content More Efficiently with Bigtincan

Using SharePoint as a document management system will bring a lot of benefits for your business, but you'll also notice it requires quite a bit of effort and maintenance when it comes to content management. This happens because the entire system is built around the idea of manually tagging and categorizing files. 

Therefore, the system becomes more demanding of resources when you want to increase the degree of organization (by adding more tags and categories). To avoid assigning a few of your employees just for SharePoint maintenance, it's best to use a platform like Bigtincan, which was specially designed to improve the SharePoint experience from this point of view. 

#2: Make Full Use of Folders & Metadata

It can be a bit confusing (at first), but folders and metadata are amazing tools that can help you keep everything neatly organized and easy to find. Just know that a document can only be contained in one folder, but it can have as many tags as you need. 

Therefore, you can go crazy with a very detailed folder structure, but make sure to keep your tags easy to find and intuitive. Otherwise, you'll lose a lot of time digging up documents from folders!

#3: Understand Permissions 

The fact that you can create customized access and activity permissions for each employee, is absolutely amazing! It's a great way to keep your documents safe and make sure only trustworthy employees get to see them. 

But, before you use them, make sure you understand how to apply them and why. For instance, you should first create a SharePoint group, set the permissions, and then add users to that group. If you change the membership of a SharePoint group, the system will want to re-crawl the entire list of members and permissions, which could take hours and will slow down your activity. By using the already existing groups, you save time and resources. 

Wrap Up

SharePoint is a great tool for the business environment, so it's quite an asset to know its nooks and crannies. Also, you can use it for a wide range of office tasks and it can be a nice skill in your kit if you ever plan to make the switch from employee to entrepreneur. It's also easy to integrate with mobile devices and helps you keep documents safe from any prying eyes. 

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