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What to Search in Developers' Resumes or How to Hire Node JS Developer?

What to Search in Developers' Resumes or How to Hire Node JS Developer?

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Node.js is an open-source framework for developing backend components of web applications with JavaScript. The framework is presently one of the most popular and preferred tools for server-side development. It is seen that many software giants hire node js developer or a team of developers to work on their new projects or switch to Node.js for their existing applications. Node.js is built on Chrome's V8 engine, allowing for the development of fast and scalable web applications in Javascript, building server-side components, designing, and integrating with client-side components, all with fewer lines of code. The non-blocking I/O is based on an event-driven architecture with a single thread that will help it remain lightweight and efficient, even with data-intensive and real-time applications. If you want to hire node.js developers, let's consider what you have to search for in the resumes.

General proficiencies to look for when you want to hire node js developer

JavaScript proficient 

Node.js is a run-time environment that is programmed entirely in Javascript. All the development that will be done within this framework can only be done with JavaScript; hence, the first thing to look out for is the candidate's proficiency is JavaScript. The language is basically the lingua Franca of the web world, and an in-depth understanding of the language is crucial.

Cross-platform development

For dedicated node.js developers, part of their responsibilities is to integrate web applications across different platforms. Interactions with various desktop and mobile applications are essential. So you should hire a developer with experience in cross-platform development.

Understanding of security compliances.

Node.js is used for cross-platform development, and it is critical that the developer display understanding of different security options and processes for web, mobile, and desktop applications. This will help to protect data, combat hacking and theft of sensitive information. When looking through the resume of your potential developer, you should make sure to be satisfied with the person's security expertise. 

Experience in frontend development. 

Your potential node.js developer needs to be familiar with CSS3 or HTML5 and components of frontend development due to the need to integrate these components with the backend processes and elements. Knowing how the application will look on the frontend or client-side and understanding the language used for the frontend will help the node.js app developer with integrating both the frontend and backend.

Database Management

Creating and handling multiple databases smoothly and harmonizing these databases into one is an essential task that requires necessary skills. Your potential Node.js developer must know how to thread the databases and integrate them without compromising the security of the databases. The developer should be familiar with relational databases and non-relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite like MongoDB, CouchDB, Orchestrate.

Skill and Experience levels for node.js developers

Junior level Node.js Developer

For a junior developer, it is expected that there is an understanding of node.js fundamentals like libuv, event loop, non-blocking or asynchronous programing, NPM and modular app development, JavaScript, Express.js, HTML DOM, HTML5, and CSS3. Also, experience in relational or non-relational databases is reasonable (such as MongoDB, Cassandra)

Mid-level Node.js Developer

For Mid-level developers, they are expected to have at least 3 years of experience in using Node.js for applications with the knowledge of languages, frameworks, and databases like TypeScript/CoffeeScript, Express.js, Nest.js, Koa, React Native, Backbone, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, JQuery, Bootstrap 3/4, TypeScript, SQL. Previous work in user experience and the user interface is a must-have.

Senior Level Node.js Developer

This is the level of an experienced node.js programmer. The potential hire must have a repertoire of programming languages, frameworks such as Node.js: npm UI: HTML5/CSS3, LESS/SCSS, UIKit, Bootstrap, SVG, JS: Promises, Gulp, Browserify.

OOP, JSON, Koa, Meteor, LoopBack, Electrolyte, socket.io, mongoose, passport, ES6, Open Layers, GoogleMap API, Angular, React, experience with RESTful APIs; (in addition to the ones at mid-level). The developer should have experienced high load system projects, microservices, architecture, with knowledge of OAuth and security requirements. When you want to hire a node js developer at this level, having experience of 5-7 years is a must.

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