Jun 22, 2021 09:35 AM EDT

What Does an Online Degree Add to Your Résumé?

What does an online degree add to your résumé?

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There was a time when people were nervous about putting online education on their résumés, worried that it would send the wrong signals. However, in the aftermath of the pandemic, all that has changed. Vast numbers of people have now given online education a try, so the myth that it's an easy option has been well and truly debunked. You should be proud of all your academic achievements, and your online degree has positive signals to send to prospective employers.

It shows your academic ability

Any properly accredited degree, wherever it's from, shows that you have an in-depth understanding of your chosen subject. Fully accredited online MBA programs, bachelors' degrees in engineering, or masters' degrees in philosophy all have value based on the reputations of the institutions that back them up, and employers recognize this. Unlike other degrees, it's something that you won't acquire unless you show some initiative, so it also shows that you're passionate about your subject.

It shows your commitment

As well as requiring initiative, an online degree requires you to exercise self-discipline all the way through, getting the work done on time without tutors present to put pressure on you. Such skills naturally appeal to employers looking for workers they can trust to work hard and deliver reliably. It shows that you will do whatever it takes to succeed when you take on a project or identify a goal, even if you have other things to deal with in your life.

It shows a particular skillset

Studying online means you need to have good IT skills and are comfortable with various online communication platforms. You'll need to be able to budget time, organize a schedule, and keep track of deadlines. You'll also need good online research skills and the confidence and ability to find assistance when faced with a puzzle you can't solve on your own. All these skills are highly transferable and can make you a valuable asset in the workplace.

Other ways to make yourself stand out

If you're looking for other ways to make your résumé stand out, consider adding a sentence or two about volunteer work that you've done, sporting achievements that show your character, or hobby activities that show your passion and dedication. If you've had the opportunity to travel, you can briefly mention the skills you picked up along the way and what the experience taught you. Even if you're not fluent, foreign languages are a plus because they show that you are interested in the world. You might also consider adding a photo, which could hold the attention of a recruiter with a lot of résumés to work through.

Résumé writing is a skill in itself. It should be something you do regularly when applying for jobs, adjusting your pitch to suit different employers, but one thing you should never be shy about is your online degree. If you've studied hard on a properly designed course, it's worth as much as any other.

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