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What If You Crash Your Company's Car

What If You Crash Your Company's Car

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When you get into a disastrous accident in a company car, it can be confusing to know how to cover the costs. In this case, if you are at fault, your company insurance has to cover the damages of your accident. However, if the other driver is at fault, then your company will seek compensation from them. In Washington D.C., you and your company must rely on no-fault insurance. Despite this, you can still receive a settlement for your car accident if it goes beyond insurance policy limits. 

What to Do if You Crash Your Company's Car

If you get into an accident, it may not matter who is at fault unless you are seeking damages for additional expenses. This is because Washington D.C. is a no-fault district for everyone involved in the crash. 

No-Fault Insurance Coverage

Regardless of the driver that caused the accident, your no-fault insurance will cover you through your company. This personal injury protection insurance pays for any lost wages and medical bills. Your company will want you to get medical help immediately after your accident. In D.C., the typical insurance minimum coverage provides for $25,000 to $50,000 per person in a car accident, whether or not they are uninsured or underinsured. The minimum amount for property damage includes $10,000 per accident and is designed to cover vehicle damage. If the person is not insured or underinsured, they are covered by $5,000. If someone doesn't have insurance, they are held responsible for their costs. 

Make a Claim 

You can make a claim against the other driver if your company's no-fault insurance benefits don't cover all of the damages. This can occur in the scenario where your medical expenses exceed that of the insurance policy's coverage plan. This can also be the case if you were permanently injured. For example, if you were disfigured or have a permanent disability of over 180 days, you or your company may make a claim. 

Workers' Compensation

If you were driving your company's car for work or business, workers' compensation could also cover you for all of your injuries. This insurance coverage protects your company from accidents where you become injured while on the job. This is regardless of who is at fault for your injuries. In Washington D.C., workers' compensation covers you if you suffered wage loss and will provide any medical benefits. You are compensated up to two-thirds of your weekly wage. However, this may not entirely cover the cost of the damages you experienced. 

Pain and Suffering

If you are not at fault for your injuries, you can claim a settlement for pain and suffering damages. According to Balkin & Mausner, this will help cover all non-economic damages that your company's insurance policy did not cover. Emotional anguish, depression, embarrassment, shame, and other negative feelings can have a toll on your wellbeing and mental health. You can work with an attorney to help you obtain settlement compensation for your damages for these situations. This is because your company insurance won't cover all of the injuries that go beyond their coverage plan. Workers' compensation will only cover up to a certain amount as well. 

Next Steps for Company Car Crashes 

If you are confused about what steps to take after you crash a company car, you can speak with your manager to find out about their insurance policy. You can get additional guidance from a helpful car crash attorney for the next steps. 

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