Nov 06, 2014 02:39 PM EST

Hunter Mauled By Bears In Remote Alaska Island


Hunter mauled by bears - A 68 years old hunter had to be airlifted from a remote Alaska island on Tuesday after coming under attack from a pack of bears.

The hunter mauled by bears Michael Snowden and his 38 years old friend Jeff Ostrin, are said to have travelled to the remote Sally Island, which is located on the outskirts of the state, to hunt. The two had reportedly killed a deer and were dragging it's carcass through the forest when they were attacked by bears.

According to a wildlife biologist in the area, Nathan Svoboda, the two men had stopped for a lunch break to eat some sandwiches when they heard some unusual rustling in the bush.

"They chambered a bullet and almost immediately a sow charged out of the bush and attacked," Svaboda revealed.

The animal launched at Snowden and was clawing and biting him before the companion of the hunter mauled by the bear shot at the animal and killed it. Reports indicate that soon afterwards, two bears charged at the men again, Ostrin shot and killed another one before the other fled. Although only three bears were directly engaged in the attack, there are claims that the animals involved in the incident numbered up to five.

The hunter mauled by bears has been transported to the Providence Kodiak Island Medical Centre, where he is being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The US Coast Guard has revealed that Coast Guard 17th District watchstanders were alerted to the incident by the owner of a fishing vessel, which had transported the hunter mauled by bears to Sally Island. Reports indicate that the master of the vessel witnessed the attack on his passengers while he was out in the sea and rushed ashore to save them.

The hunter mauled by bears has been described as a rare accident. Experts say while bear attacks are commonplace in the state, it is rare to find group-coordinated bear attacks.

"The fact that there were five bears was an abnormality and this serves as a reminder that anything can happen and we need to be aware of our surroundings," Lt. J.G. Joseph Schlosser, an operational unit watchstander with the Coast Guard 17th District said.

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