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John Kerry Net Worth: How Rich Is The US Secretary Of State?

John Kerry Net Worth - The 68th and the current United States Secretary of State, John Forbes Kerry, has an estimated net fortune of $194 million. A former Presidential nominee and senator, the 71-year-old Yale University graduate with a political science degree is a Vietnam veteran who strongly spoke out against the Vietnam War after returning home as part of "Vietnam Veterans Against the War."

With John Kerry's net worth, he is currently considered as the wealthiest member of the Senate based on his financial disclosure statements. In 2011, CNS News reported that Kerry was the third richest member of Congress.

John Kerry was elected as a US Senator from Massachusetts in 1985 and remained in this position until 2013. For a long time, he worked in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Kerry was also a strong advocate of the military invasion of Iraq but disagreed that ensuing war was necessary. After President Barack Obama was reelected in 2013, Kerry assumed the office of the United States Secretary of State.

John Kerry's net worth of $194 million as listed by The Richest does not come from his salaries as an American politician. According to Get Net Worth, he co-founded a private company during the time when he served as an assistant attorney. He also inherited huge sums from at least four members of Forbes family.

It was also reported that the vast majority of Kerry's fortune was part of the three trusts linked to his wife's family wealth. In 1995, he married Teresa Heinz-Kerry, who is the heiress to the Heinz Ketchup fortune that is reportedly valued at around $1 billion. However, his wife's fortune has nothing to do with John Kerry's net worth since a prenuptial agreement was signed prior to their marriage.

As of 2011, Kerry had 446 total assets listed on his financial disclosure report. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, John Kerry's net worth is between the range of $184,268,546 and $287,685,063. This is because lawmakers report assets and liabilities in value ranges instead of its exact amounts and a precise net worth is difficult to determine. However, Celebrity Net Worth lists Kerry's net fortune as $194 million.

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