Jun 13, 2012 02:55 PM EDT

From Jobless and Homeless to Famous


It's so easy to assume that most famous people today were born with a silver spoon in their mouths because of all the glitz and glamour they indulge in. However, this was not the case for four entertainers who made the transition from jobless and homeless to the word filthy only being paired with rich, when referring to them.

1. Halle Berry

At a young age, Halle Berry moved to Chicago in attempts to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress. Over time, she ran out of money and her mother refused to help her out financially so she was left homeless and jobless. Berry tells Star Pulse about her experience as a homeless woman saying, "It taught me how to take care of myself and that I could live through any situation, even if it meant going to a shelter for a small stint, or living within my means, which were meager." With a current networth estimated to be close to $70 million, Berry no longer has to worry about making ends meet.

2. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey's story of struggle began in his VW camper van. As a struggling actor who did not finish high school, Carrey lived with his family in various locations in Canada out of their family van and later relocated to his sister's lawn, where he lived in a tent outside. He says this is where his inspiration for a sense of humor all stemmed from. Carrey went from no high school diploma and poor to riches worth approximately $150 million.

3. Jewel

Singer Jewel spent time jobless and street bound at one point in her life. She shared with Showbizspy " I ended up homeless because my boss propositioned me and when I wouldn't sleep with him he didn't give me my paycheck." She added, "I got kicked out of where I was living and my rent was due that next day." The singer lived in her car for a month following the incident, then began singing again to financially get back on her feet.

4. Daniel Craig or "James Bond"

The "007" actor who is now known for various critically acclaimed films, was once known for being the homeless man snoring on the bench. Daniel Craig spent the beginning of what was hardly an acting career sleeping on park benches in London. Craig was far from being the James Bond we know him as today, but now he spends his time sleeping on more comfortable beds in his $11.5 million home in New York.

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