Jul 07, 2015 09:13 PM EDT

Apple To Co-design Third Party Accessory Packaging Next Week

Apple has been known to control as many aspects of its products and services. Part of this new move is to reduce the clutter in their accessory displays in their stores by streamlining their packaging. The company announced that they are co-designing third-party accessory packaging beginning next week. This will keep iPhone, iPad and Mac boxes stored away while their new designed accessories dominate the shelves.

Apple Insider through 9to5Mac said that the packaging materials like Incase, Life Proof, Logitech Mophie, Sena and Tech21 will participate in this undertaking, with initial new packaging due to hit Apple stores next week.

According to Engadget, this change that is expected to happen the following week could start with Apple's recently opened Upper East Side store in Manhattan serving as a good preview. This new packaging strategy is expected to save Apple customers the time from exploring confusing packaging, wondering if a case is compatible with their iPhone. However, it might also be confusing in some cases, as customers might not be able to decide, say for example what iPad keyboards they want, since all of them are packaged in the same design. 

This marketing move is in line with Apple's plans to provide a new feel for their designs as it makes a step at overhauling their standard white-themed artwork. The repackaging so far is going according to plan. With less clutter and sleeker boxes, Apple will reduce store clutter and provide accessory offering only to high-end products.

Mashable got the chance to look at the new boxes, revealing the looks of a traditional Apple product. They are predominantly white containing the image of the product inside.

This retailing strategy was announced February. This is the idea of Angela Ahrendts and newly-appointed Chief Design Officer Jony Ive, who have collaborated to provide a trendier feel to the buying experience.

Apple also announced in April that they would not allow customers to walk in to Apple stores to buy the Apple watch, to avoid the long lines that does not jive with the store's image, but this will perhaps depend on demand.

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