Aug 04, 2015 06:32 AM EDT

Microsoft’s Virtual Reality Headset HoloLens To Arrive For Developers In 2016; Version For Video Games Unconfirmed Yet

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, confirmed that the company's virtual reality headset, the HoloLens, will arrive first for developers and business professionals sometime within the next year.

This indicates, however, that the tech firm's upcoming augmented reality device will not yet debut as a next-gen video gaming platform.

Instead, Microsoft envisions the first version of the HoloLens to be used by architects and engineers in developing their projects. Specifically, he told BBC in an interview that it will cater to the needs of developers and enterprises.

As to when it will officially arrive, Nadella said Microsoft will release the V1 HoloLens within the same time frame as the Windows 10. Computer World noted that this means the virtual reality headset will debut sometime within one year from now.

Despite the executive's statements regarding Microsoft's priority with its upcoming device, gamers should not worry about the company turning its back on its original plans.

Earlier in April, Nadella told the New York Times that Microsoft is committed on integrating virtual reality technology with video games. Specifically, the company wants to create a version of the popular game "Minecraft" using the HoloLens.

Nadella even revealed that this device played a major role in Microsoft's $2.5 billion acquisition of developer Mojang in 2014.

As described by the New York Times , playing "Minecraft" will no longer be restricted within the screens of computers and mobile devices with the help of HoloLens. The device's technology will enable to players to build the same block-based structures and objects using the area of the room they are in.

Also, during the BBC  interview, Nadella clarified that the market for the HoloLens will be expanded in the future. At first, it will be shipped for the enterprisers. Then, new versions of the headset will eventually be developed for the consumer market.

"We will have developer versions of it first and then it will be more commercial use cases and it will evolve," the executive said.

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