Aug 05, 2015 06:55 AM EDT

‘Tekken 7’ Characters, Gameplay & Release Date: Bandai Still Polishing Game’s Console Versions; Crossover RPG ‘Project X Zone 2’ To Feature ‘Tekken,’ ‘Street Fighter’ & ‘Resident Evil’ Characters

The arcade version of "Tekken 7" is already available but PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners are still waiting for news regarding the game's arrival for their consoles.

Development studio Bandai Namco still hasn't revealed the release date for the console editions of the game. However, game producer and creator Katsuhiro Harada said he and the developers are still working on the final touches for "Tekken 7."

The game for the arcade platform first arrived in Japan on March 18. Venture Capital post noted that the arcade game recently debuted in the U.S. and can be played through selected Dave and Buster's and Round One branches.

As for its console release, Harada noted that he and his team are still gathering feedback from gamers who were actually able to play the arcade version of "Tekken 7" in U.S. and Japan. Their responses will be used by the development team to improve the game's quality and performance.

"This does give us on the other hand the chance to polish up the game while people are playing in Japan in the arcades," Harada said according to Segment Next. "Eventually when it does come out [for consoles] there will be all kinds of cool things in the game that we can't go much into detail right now but obviously it would be much better than it is now."

Despite the update, Harada did not provide a projected timeline regarding the game's arrival for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

Since there is currently no way of telling when the game will arrive, "Tekken" fans can still look forward to playing their favorite characters in the upcoming crossover title "Project X Zone 2." Designed for the Nintendo 3DS, the game is the second major installment in the "Project X Zone" series launched in 2013 in North America.

For the sequel, developer Monolith Soft combined major characters from various popular games including "Street Fighter," "Megaman X," "Resident Evil: Revelations," "Devil May Cry," "Soul Calibur V," "Sakura Wars" and "Virtua Fighter."

Those from the "Tekken" franchise include Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima, according to Crossmap.

As a tactical role-playing game, players take turns in carrying out attacks on a grid-based map.

"Project X Zone 2" will first come out in Japan on Nov. 12 followed by a worldwide release in the first quarter of 2016.

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