Aug 05, 2015 05:32 PM EDT

‘Scalebound’ Reviews After Trailer Unveils At GamesCom 2015; Creator On What Makes Platinum’s First RPG Gameplay Unique

By Alex Cruz

The gameplay trailer for "Scalebound," Platinum Games' first RPG, was revealed at GamesCom 2015. Although the graphics were praised by many, there were some who noticed the issues with its functionality.

Click here to watch the extended gameplay demo.

The expectations were high for the game, especially coming from a team led by Hideki Kamiya and considering that this is an Xbox One exclusive. According to Forbes, their previous works were really good in the context of functionality.

As for this game, the site stated that the combat and general pacing were already familiar. Somehow, to others, the gameplay looked surprisingly plain, especially coming from Platinum Games.

It was in terms of functionality that previous Platinum Games' titles were enjoyed by many because they bring out something different — like the player would learn and master something new in terms of gaming functionality — and that was not quite evident with "Scalebound" right now.

The good thing about reviews, they give the creator an idea on what the gamers think of the product, which is always important. This way, the creator will know if there are things about the game that he still needs to improve or work on prior the official release.

There's no word on the exact release date of the game, but many are anticipating that it is going to be in the late 2016. There are high hopes that whatever functionality issues the game has, it can be fixed before its release.

Meanwhile, "Scalebound" creative producer Jean Paul Pierre Kellams revealed that Platinum's added a "spice" to the game which made it unique, and that was Thuban, IGN has learned. It is a dragon bonded to the player and at the same time behaves independently alongside Drew.

Game creator Kamiya has always been fascinated with dragons and he wanted to incorporate the mythical creatures into his games. Unfortunately, dragons were stereotyped as the enemies.

"Scalebound" is a dream come true for him. Finally, a game where a dragon is not a beast to be defeated but a companion for a human character.

"There's a level of intelligence to dragons to the point where they're almost godlike," Kamiya said. "There's something very special about them."

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