Aug 14, 2015 06:00 AM EDT

Secret Video Setting For Windows 10 On Xbox One Boosts Game Streaming Quality

A gamer was able to discover that it is possible to stream Xbox One games with Windows 10 PCs at an even higher setting.

According to IGN, the Xbox One streaming app already has a setting option labeled as highest setting. But, digging even deeper into the program will reveal that it actually has a much better quality aptly named as very high setting.

This is what Reddit user Ooma Thurman unlocked after exploring the folder of the Xbox app on a Windows 10 computer.

"Not sure if this has been posted yet, but I was able to unlock the very high setting in the Xbox app to stream with," the user wrote on Reddit.

Upon posting the discovery, various tech sites, such as The Verge, tested if the hidden setting actually works.

After trying it out, Tom Warren from The Verge noted that there is a big difference between the high setting and very high setting in terms of visual quality. He noted that through this setting, the games streamed from the Xbox One console to his Windows 10 PC featured sharper and more detailed images.

However, Warren and Thurman both noted that that the secret setting requires high bandwidth in order to operate properly. According to the reporter, depending on the game, the setting uses up 10 to 16mbps.

In addition, the streaming buffers more frequently than on lower settings. But, those with high-speed Internet connections will probably not experience these issues.

To unlock the secret setting on a Windows 10 device with the Xbox One streaming app, gamers should head over to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Packages\ according to Eurogamer. From there, they should be able to see the folder labeled as Microsoft.XboxApp.

From this folder, they should open the file userconsoledata with Windows Notepad. Then, they should locate IsInternalPreview and change the command "false" to "true."

Before closing the file, gamers must make sure that they have saved the changes made to it. Following these steps will activate the very high setting on the Xbox One app for the Windows 10 PC.

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