Aug 20, 2015 06:00 AM EDT

‘Heroes Of The Storm’ Latest Patch Adds ‘Diablo 3’s’ Character Kharazim — Find Out Who Is He & What His Abilities Are

By Alex Cruz

The latest patch for "Heroes of the Storm" has been released, along with it is the newest addition to its set of heroes.

Meet "Diablo 3's" Kharazim.

Reviews emerged online following its release, with just a few who know about him. One review posted on VG247 stated that the character wasn't visible in the whole "Diablo 3."

Many say Kharazim is a monk, and though he may not be as popular Johanna, the Crusader of Zakarum, or Sonya, the Wandering Barbarian, a review posted on Kotaku suggested that he could be striking.

Kharazim is a Verdani Monk, according to The character description on the site further stated, "To the Monks of Ivgorod, the gods are in all things, and their divine will is proclaimed by the Patriarchs. With unshakable faith, Kharazim followed their decree to discover heavenly fire that had fallen upon on the town of New Tristram."

So there are four roles in "Heroes of the Storm" — Warrior, Assassin, Support and Specialist. Kharazim was categorized under support.

The new hero has three traits. First is Transcendence, wherein it heals the lowest nearby allied Hero every Third Basic Attack. Second is the Iron Fists, which gives 100 percent bonus damage every Third Basic Attack. The third is Insight, which restores Mana in every Third Basic Attack.

His basic abilities are Radiant Dash, Breath of Heaven and Deadly Reach.

Radiant Dash will allow the character to jump to an ally or enemy, which can be hit immediately with a Basic Attack. It can store up to two charges with a twelve-second cool down per charge.

Breath of Heaven will heal nearby allied Heroes. It will grant them 10 percent movement speed bonus for three seconds.

Finally, the Deadly Reach. The player's next Basic Attack increases the Attack Speed and Attack Range of Kharazim by 100 percent for two seconds.

Moving on to his heroic abilities, the new hero has Seven-Sided Strike and Divine Palm.

Seven-Sided Strike will make the hero invulnerable, and can strike seven times over two seconds in a wide area. Each strike will make damage that is seven percent of the target's maximum health.

The Hero with the highest remaining health will be prioritized.

Divine Palm will protect an allied Hero from demise. It will prevent the next source of fatal damage within three seconds, healing the target instead of harming it.

Kharazim's abilities could be very helpful when it comes to team battle. For more information about the patch notes, click here.

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