Jul 30, 2012 11:33 AM EDT

Smartphones: The New Weapon To Combat Unemployment


Looking for a new job can now be considered a job itself.  However, the time consuming process of applying for jobs is beginning to get easier thanks to your smartphone.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment is at a current stalemate of 8.1 percent. In order to keep themselves ahead of the pack, job seekers are using all the tools necessary to get their resumes to the top of their prospective employer's HR department's prospective hiring list.

Enter smartphones.

With the ability to do just about anything on your smart phone, whether, productive or simply socially interactive, phone users now have the ability to apply for jobs as well.

77 percent of job seekers have already begun to use smartphone applications to give them a leg up in the increasingly cut throat race for employment.

Here are just a few of the apps for potential job candidates looking to take their search on the go.

1 LunchMeet: The name of the app may not give off the initial prestige of a common job searching tool, however, the inner workings of it prove otherwise. Considered to be a great networking app. The service can connect you to your LinkedIn account and it uses geo-targeting to find industry-specific contacts that are open to networking.

2 Pocket Résumé: This app gives users the ability to edit their résumé on the go by pulling the most updated information from LinkedIn and enabling them to export their résumé to PDF or Dropbox. With this power, users can customize their résumé for a specific job while out to lunch, on public transportation, or just walking to their next destination. This app can prove to be extremely useful for those moments when a job may instantly become available or if a jobseeker is away from their computers and need to quickly tailor their resume.

3 SparkHire: Job seekers who are currently employed now have the luxury to interview the potential employers during their normal business hours thanks to SparkHire. Employers have the option to present multiple text-based questions to job seekers who, in turn, must respond with short video answers. The video answers will be then be viewed by employers. This app is aimed to help job seekers who do not have the opportunity to take time off from their current position to present themselves at a formal interview.

As technology continues to out due itself on a day-to-day basis, it will only be a matter of time before finding a new job is as easy as posting a filtered picture to Instagram.

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