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'Avengers 3: Infinity War Part 1' UPDATE: Josh Brolin's Thanos To Ravage Marvel Cinematic Universe; How Will He Collect All The Infinity Stones?

Marvel Cinematic Universe's "Avengers 3: Infinity War Part 1" is gearing up for its return soon. Aside from the superheroes' comeback, which fans highly await, the arrival of the Avengers adversary Thanos, voiced by Josh Brolin, is also anticipated.

MTV News reported that actor Josh Brolin disclosed that he loved being a part of the comic book-based movies even though he has no idea on when and where his character will be seen next.

When asked during a panel for his latest movie "Everest" whether he will join Chris Evans in "Captain America: Civil War," he answered, "I don't know which one I'm in. That's a Kevin Feige question. I know the trajectory of what they're doing, but I don't know exactly which one I'm in."

Despite not knowing the moment when his character Thanos will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's movies, he looked like he enjoyed the reactions of fans about his involvement in the "Avengers" world.

The actor stated that he has a lot of appreciation for "Avengers" fans. "I love going into a comic book store and a guy connecting me with Thanos, and seeing the incredible regressive awe that happens. That's fun. I'm excited about doing it, I really am."

Many fans have asked: who among the Avengers would he like to face off against the most?

Brolin said, "I don't have a favorite because it's me against all of them. I think the entirety is what I'm most looking forward to. Each and every one."

"I'm bringing the wrath."

Thanos' wrath guarantees to be one of the most grisly and visceral and will prove to be an epic battle among the "Avengers" films yet. According to Cinema Blend, it's safe to assume that each and every member of the Avengers will have their own chance to battle the purple Mad Titan.

As for how Thanos will collect all the infinity stones that he need for his "infinity gauntlet," Movie Pilot offered some theories. The infinity stones were already seen in Vision's head, the Aether was held by the Collector, Asgard protects the Tesseract and the power gem was protected by the Nova corps. The two stones left missing were the time and soul gem. Apparently, it may appear in "Captain Marvel" or "Doctor Strange."

So, perhaps Thanos will appear in "Thor: Ragnarok" and steal the Tesseract or he will forcibly take away from Nova corps the power gem. Maybe, he can persuade the Collector to give or sell the Aether. As for the reality gem, well, he has to get through Vision first in order to collect the stone.

Share your theories as to how Thanos will collect all the infinity stones.

"Avengers 3: Infinity War Part 1" will hit theaters on May 4, 2018.

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