Aug 01, 2012 03:33 PM EDT

iPhone 5 News: Maybe You Should Wait To Buy It


As speculation increases, the iPhone 5's release date is said to be sometime in September. As of right now, specifications for Apple's new product seem promising.

Photos have leaked from Asia showing a phone with a two-toned aesthetic. Recent photos showed a grayish version, but there is also a photo of a white version. The phone appeared to have a slightly larger footprint than current models, since it has a longer screen.

The dock connector or charging port on the phone is rumored to be smaller than the one on the iPhone 4S.

The next iPhone will be faster. Some sources suggest that the phone will have an A5 processor, the same one in the new iPad. The new chip brings faster processing power and higher-end graphics. This really seems like a no-brainer, considering every iPhone has been faster than its predecessor.

The next version of the iPhone will run iOS 6, which Apple demoed in June at its WWDC conference. The new iPhone and iPad operating system has a lot of new features, including Apple's own maps app (no more Google Maps), Facebook integration, and a new Passbook app, which collects all your passes, tickets and coupons in one app.

Apple has said iOS 6 would be out in the fall.

The power of the iPhone 5 is set to be amazing. However, with every initial release of a new product there are typically some bugs that have not yet been worked out.

Sometimes, companies are in such a rush to have a product ready by a specific deadline, they fall short on the quality of the product just in order to deliver as promised.

This practice thus leads to recalls, product replacement, repair download patches and unhappy customers. Once Apple finally does release the new iPhone, it may be a in a consumers best interest to wait a couple of weeks or months for apple to release a new shipment, giving the company adequate time to work out any new found problems with the phone.

Remember the iPhone 4's release and the trouble with the service?

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