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Job Search Engines: Learning SEO, CMS and SEM Without Returning To College

Searching for employment can be tough and exhausting. With just about every application now being a 20 minute process that you will be spending in front of a computer screen and the rate of hearing back from an employer on average, taking months, a person can begin to feel some type of discouragement.

However, whether you are a recent grad or someone who has been laid off, applying for a new job can actually become a learning experience at the same time, if you let it.

For example, every job that you apply for has a set of requirements for the position that are established by the company or hiring manager. As a job seeker, a person should use those requirements to their benefit.

Sure, you might not be acquainted with everything there is to know about search engine optimization, search engine marketing or control management systems. Don't let that scare you. Take the time out of your day to research those topics and become familiar with what they are and how they are used.

It would look better on your resume if you can show that you have at least heard of some of the requirements. So if you're researching," what is search engine optimization?" Google will bombard you with millions of websites that can help you answer that question. The more that you read, the more you will begin to learn and know.

Do not be afraid of any big or confusing words that may be a part of the explanation of the topic you are trying to familiarize yourself with, that also, can be researched and then learned. Sure, this process is not overnight and may actually require you to discipline yourself for an education similar to how you did while in a classroom, but you have nothing to lose.

Once you feel a little knowledgeable on the topic, it is okay to tailor your resume to your knew information. In your skills section you can simply put "Some knowledge of SEO" or "Working knowledge of CMS". This will show the hiring manager that you may just be capable of doing the job.

For those who are still unsure, you cannot forget that no matter what job you get, that company or firm has a training department who will train you to do the work specific for that position. No one knows everything about a topic, not even the CEO of the company, because technology is evolving at an hourly rate, it is hard for everyone to keep up.

In conclusion, try not to look at unemployment as such a bad thing, yes you have bills and expenses that need to be taken care of to better your quality of life, but remember to just take it one day at a time and to learn as much as possible. Learning never hurt anyone, and without struggle there can be no progress.

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