Aug 07, 2012 09:59 AM EDT

Social Networking and The Negative Effects Of Being Logged On

Social networking has greatly impacted the world day. The ability to effortlessly communicate with our loved ones and peers has proven too beneficial in our explorations for a much easier and less resistance approach to life.

Technology improves so that our quality of life can improve. However  according to it seems as if technology has become the main culprit in destroying relationships, eroding social skills, increased feelings of selfishness and self-worth that has been amplified by the number of "friends" "likes" and comments we receive on our pages.

Social media is slowly and unknowingly destroying the human ability to simply communicate on an intellectual level. Sure social media sites have spell check embedded in the comments boxes, however that is simply so the reader of your comments are not sitting in front of their screens with a confused glare while trying to read about what you had for lunch and just how amazingly tasty it was.

Because social media takes away basic human to human contact and conversation, grammar and pronunciation skills begin to decline because they're being barely used. Like any learned skill or trade if you do not practice it, you will surely begin to become mediocre at it.

According to freelance writer Dave Parrack networking sites such as Twitter, are diminishing the user's ability to consume large amounts of news and information. Everything that can be considered newsworthy and useful information produced on your Twitter feed has to be length of 140 characters.

Though this might seem convenient to some, it gets people used to reading, consuming and digesting information with limited details, possibly turning the normal one page news article into a one sentence news tweet.

Lastly, social networking has found a way to infiltrate the very structure of what it means to be in a relationship with someone. Participants in a relationship might begin to grow weary or skeptical of your interest in social media as you may be communicating with someone they are not fond of  your time with them may be decreasing.

In conclusion, social networking has made some aspects of life easy, however it should not subtract from the quality of life at the same time.

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