Aug 15, 2012 04:22 PM EDT

Rich Kids Of Instagram: Lifestyles Of The Wealthy And Superficial

The Tumblr blog, Rich Kids of Instagram, continues to get under the skin of those not as fortunate as the photo-taking well-off.

As the economy continues to hit an all-time low, stocks prices continue to plummet, companies including big banks are laying off employees and state governments are beginning to cut of unemployment aid to those who need it the most. The Rich kids Of Instagram are not making anything easier for anyone who may be struggling to make ends meet  as they take filtered snapshots of their expensive cars, toys, garments and vacations and post them online for the world to be green with envy.

Receipts for one night of fun and drinks can be seen totaling up to $107,524. One picture on the blog displays a golden AK47 rifle with assorted G-shock watches, and designer shades.

Instagram was originally developed and engineered to be a social picture sharing mobile application; however the "Rich Kids" who have the iPhone/Android application are making their best use of the app, by showing you what they have and what you will more than likely never have. Ironically, the majority if not all of these "Rich Kids" have done absolutely nothing in life to earn the money that they can be seen recklessly spending. $40,000 bottles of Dom Perignon is not a reflection of wealth, but more of a misunderstanding of the true value of a dollar.

According to, the site's founder, contacted by email, wants to remain anonymous. "We find anonymity is a hard thing to replace," they wrote. Regarding the site's popularity and mission, the founder said it's "more popular than most ideas that take shape over a few glasses of wine. It's going well."

He/she added that the site has taken down "a few" photos.

The one beneficial factor eroding from the blog is its ability to give working class Americans and people alike the will to appreciate what it is they have in life. Sure, you might not drive a Rolls Royce, but if you do have a car, you understand the value of what it means to get from point A to point B.

If people did not give the Rich Kids the attention that they crave, their items and lavish lifestyle would quickly become meaningless and pointless.

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