Sep 17, 2015 06:00 AM EDT

'Man Of Steel' Sequel RUMORS: Henry Cavill's Superman Foe Brainiac After Genetic Codex?

A "Man of Steel" sequel has been floating around for quite some time since its release in 2013. Rumors have been circulating that Brainiac, Henry Cavill's Superman foe, is after the genetic codex in his possession.

Heroic Hollywood delved into the rumor that Brainiac will still most likely be the villain in the "Man of Steel" sequel that may happen in a few years' time. Although it's still unconfirmed, it's very possible that Brainiac will be Superman's adversary because of his motive.

However, it is not what you might be expecting. Brainiac is not after the codex that Superman has, instead, he is after Kara Zor-el! Yes, that's correct, another Krypton inhabitant survived the devastation of the planet — none other than Superman's cousin, Supergirl!

Apparently, the genetic codex that Brainiac wanted was already in the possession of Supergirl. Kara Zor-el was first made known in the prequel comic to the "Man of Steel" as the newest affiliate of the Kryptonian Explorers Guild, an organization responsible for searching and combing the universe for suitable planets for terraforming and ultimately inhabitation by Kryptonians. Supposedly, Supergirl's inclusion in the "Man of Steel" sequel will give her equal exposure with that of Superman's and because of this, George Miller was apparently hooked on the project because of his inclination towards solid female protagonists, as per

So, how and where does Brainiac fit in all of these?

Again, Cinemablend cautioned the information gathered were still unwarranted, so take heed when digesting the bits and pieces.

David Goyer and director Zack Snyder has pitched to Warner Bros. that Brainiac, Superman's greatest alien supercomputer foe, out from the Kryptonian data he acquired, will create Bizarro, the contorted Superman clone, to go after the codex in Supergirl's possession. Naturally, Superman will come to the aid of his cousin and will face off with Brainiac and Bizarro.

What do you think about Brainiac vs Henry Cavill's Superman in "Man of Steel" sequel? Sound off below.

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