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'NCIS' Season 13 Premiere: 'Stop The Bleeding' [RECAP]

“NCIS Season 13 premiered last night with episode 1 entitled “Stop the Bleeding.”

If you weren’t able to catch Mark Harmon as Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs and the rest of the team, here’s a recap.

“NCIS” Season 12 ended with Gibbs in Iraq suffering from multiple gunshot injuries fired by The Calling member, Luke. Luckily, he was rushed to the USS Daniel Webster where he was attended to by Dr. Cyril Taft portrayed by Jon Cryer. Of course, NCIS team in the U.S. was devastated when they received the news of Gibb’s predicament.

Entertainment Weekly revealed Dr. Cyril Taft, a decorated surgeon in the Gulf War was Gibbs’ salvation in “NCIS” Season 13 premiere.

He’s the best person to do the surgery to remove from Gibbs’ chest the bullet that shattered when he got hit. He did “stop the bleeding” so to speak because Gibbs’ was able to live to see another day. He was the worst candidate to perform the surgery though, since he’s a chatterbox which Gibbs’ would have found loathsome if he was conscious while the operation was ongoing.

Nevertheless, Dr. Taft was calm and collected when his patient started flatlining, a similar trait of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs when faced with a critical situation. And they share something in common too: depression — which they try to keep at bay with their busy activities. Two years ago, Dr. Taft and his wife lost their child to leukemia.

While Dr. Taft was busy keeping Gibbs alive, his patient was undergoing an out of body experience where his daughter Kelly was telling him, "You spend too much time thinking about the past. You have to stop, Dad." She insisted that there were a lot of people counting on him so he has to “fight back” to protect them from the bad guys.

The next scenes revealed a time jump where Gibbs, already back on his feet and working to track Daniel Budd, The Calling’s mastermind. His search led him to Lee Penitentiary to get information from Matthew Rousseau about Shanghai, where Budd’s operation was believed to be located. Unfortunately, that will be the last time we’ll see Rousseau because he’s found dangling in his cell thereafter.

In “NCIS” Season 13 premiere: “Stop the Bleeding,” Bishop and McGee had a lot to keep busy with and, together with Abby, they have to stop a chatter that went out of North Korea loading a nuclear warhead in the Japan Sea. NCIS was looped in due to Dorneget’s laptop, which was found to be linked to the North Koreans, Buddy TV has learned.

McGee was confident that the signal from North Korea was a fake and that Dorneget’s device was utilized as a back door into their defense alert scheme as a simulation of North Korea’s arming of its nuclear weapon. Luckily, McGee was able to break the hack and end the simulation, stopping a possible World War III.

Meanwhile, Tony and Teague checked out a place where Daniel Budd and his cohorts were believed to be holed up. They broke into the location and found members of The Calling, including Luke, the kid who shot Gibbs. The gang members activated bombs to wreak the place and attempted to flee. They later caught up with Luke and told him that Gibbs was alive, as per TV Fanatic.

“NCIS” Season 13 premiere: “Stop the Bleeding” ended with Tony hunting down Daniel Budd and finally shooting him to death in an alley.

Catch “NCIS” Season 13 at 8 p.m. every Tuesday on CBS.

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