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'Once Upon A Time' Season 5 Premiere [RECAP]: 5 Interesting Things That Happened In Storybrooke

"Once Upon A Time" Season 5 premiered last night and thrilled fans who were waiting for the return of their beloved fairy tale characters living in Storybrooke.

With the cliffhanger that "Once Upon A Time" Season 4 left, viewers were glued to their TV screens to find out if Jennifer Morrison's Emma Swan will give in to the dark side. If you were not able to watch the Season 5 premiere of "Once Upon A Time," below is a quick recap.

Here are 5 interesting things that happened in Storybrooke:

 1. Merlin

In 1989, Minneapolis, a young Emma was caught by an usher (actually Merlin) stealing a candy bar from a movie goer while watching "The Sword in the Stone." He sat down beside her and offered her some bit of advice. He said he knew many things and warned, "When you do something that you're not supposed to do, even if you do it for the right reasons, bad things will happen, Emma. Bad things. One day, you will have the opportunity to remove Excalibur from its stone, and you mustn't. Leave the sword alone."

"Once Upon A Time" Season 5 premiere revealed that in Camelot, Arthur together with Percival and Lancelot found Excalibur but when Kay, another knight tried to pull out the sword, he turned into dust. Arthur however, succeeded in pulling out Excalibur but the sword was missing a vital piece. Surprisingly, the dagger that has Emma's engraved name on was the tip of Excalibur.

 2. Zelena

Buddy TV revealed that Hook tried to use the dagger to call on Emma to come back to Storybrooke but it's not working. So the Apprentice gave them a wand that will aid them to get to where she was. There's a catch though, someone "wicked" was needed to wield the wand and Regina's sister Zelena fit the bill. Zelena agreed to help them much to their surprise, of course she has a hidden motive for doing so and wanted the wand for herself so she can return to Oz where nobody can steal her baby. Fortunately, Regina was able to subdue her sister's plan and Zelena was powerless once more.

 3. Enchanted Forest

Emma (Jennifer Morrison) has a new mentor in the Enchanted Forest -- the Darkness in the form of Rumple (Robert Carlyle). While she was there, the Darkness urged her to hug her new dark side.

Emma in her desire to get rid of the Darkness travelled to find Merlin (Elliot Knight) by searching for the Will o' the Wisps. While hunting down for the Will o' the Wisps, she encountered Merida (Amy Manson), whose three younger siblings had been taken hostage after she took over their kingdom. Conflict arose from the two since they both want the same thing, as per Entertainment Weekly.

 4. Camelot

The whole gang from Storybrooke journeyed to Camelot where King Arthur and his Knights were waiting for Emma as they too were hoping that she will lead them to Merlin.

 5. Emma as the Dark One

Meanwhile, Hollywood Life reported "Once Upon A Time" Season 5 premiere revealed a twist. After six weeks in Camelot, everybody was back in Storybrooke in full Arthurian get up, minus Emma, without any recollection of what transpired in the weeks that have gone by. Emma then showed up all fierce and spat out the words, "You went to Camelot to get the darkness out of me, and you failed."

When Hook asked her why she was behaving so, Emma replied, "Because, I am the Dark One."

"Once Upon A Time" Season 5 airs Sundays on ABC at 8 p.m.

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