Oct 02, 2015 06:27 AM EDT

PS Vita Given Firmware Update But Next Gen Sequel Highly Unlikely

The PS Vita, Sony's current handheld video game console, was announced to be having a firmware update.

The said updates for the PS Vita were reported by Hardcore Gamer to be minor but useful options. One of the benefits of upgrading your handheld console's firmware is that there's now an option to select the resolution of the video feed when streaming games from the PlayStation 4.

Sony noted that if you are experiencing video or audio skips during game streaming on a high quality resolution, simply lower the quality and that will make your gaming experience a lot smoother.

Another addition to the upgrade is that there's now a parental control option that limits the use of the email app in the PS Vita. Again, these added features are barely mind-blowing but useful nonetheless.

The firmware update for the PS Vita, numbered 3.55, was also released alongside PlayStation 4 firmware update 3.00, the PlayStation Life Style has learned.

Despite the firmware upgrade for the Vita, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Shuhei Yoshida shared, at a recent developer session, that they currently have no plans creating a next generation handheld console.

Yoshida cited that the "climate is not healthy" for a Vita sequel. Engadget reported that Yoshida attributes this due to a rise of smartphone-centred games that hindered enthusiasm for dedicated handheld gaming device.

Although he still hopes that the culture and demand for portable gaming lives on, he currently does not see Sony creating a sequel to the PS Vita.

According to the report, another reason the PS Vita is not thriving is the lack of marketing promotion compared to the PlayStation 4 and even PlayStation 3.

But Sony isn't the only company feeling the competition of mobile phone gaming. Nintendo, who previously said that it would not create games for smartphones, has now eventually given in to the demand.

For fans of the PS Vita, it seems that they'll be spending time with their handheld consoles for quite longer.

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