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3 Tips On How To Overcome Work Stress

work stress
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Stress can affect millions of people in so many ways. Though some people find it more tolerable than the others, stress at work is still one of the leading causes why more and more people tend to get sick physically, mentally and emotionally. When stress can already manipulate your ability to carry out your work and everyday tasks then it is already becoming your disability. Just like any other unhealthy condition, you have to do something about it soon.

These are the tips you can consider in managing your stress at work:

1. Act first before reacting.

Just as noted by Forbes, "We experience stress when we feel that situations are out of our control," according to Sharon Melnick,Ph.D., a business psychologist and author of "Success Under Stress."

Negatively thinking this way can trigger stress hormones, and if chronic, can wear down concentration, well-being and even confidence of a person.  So instead, stop being too negative and try to finish your task before stress kicks in.

2. Establish boundaries between work and rest.

Nowadays, it is easy to feel pressured 24 hours a day, according to American Psychological Association. Some people choose to bring their tasks at home thinking about the additional money they will earn by working over-time. But remember, you're a person, not a robot and you still need to take a break.

3. De-stress your body.

You can start de-stressing by eating more fruits and vegetables. You can also try foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids like chia, hemp and flax seeds. Salmon is also rich in protein and fatty acids and is perfect for your health. On the other hand, processed foods can make you feel more anxious, so it's better to refrain yourself from eating them, states Greatist.

No matter how much you try to eliminate or escape from stress at work, it still can't be done. Stress is inevitable and the key is to properly manage it. Don't forget to not to let stress devour you with its negative effects. You deserve to be happy, content and valued. So make sure to work for it. Fight for your happiness and shake that stress off away.

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