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Job Hunting Tips — Your Edge In Today’s Job Market Competition

Job Seekers Look For Employment Opportunities At Career Fair
DENVER, CO - DECEMBER 05: A job applicant and a potential employer shake hands at the 'Denver Hires Job Fair' on December 5, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. Last week the U.S. government announced that the national unemployment rate has fallen to 8.6 percent, lower than most analysts had predicted and the lowest since 2009.
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Unemployment rate as of September 2015 has dropped to 5.1%, the lowest rate since 2008. Given this rate, you'll notice that the Great Recession has already ended. But behind this truth, another problem that concerns job employment is now on rise as some jobs are now getting obsolete, as stated by Forbes. This is mainly due to how technology replaces man's ability with more effective and profitable ways of producing output nowadays. Because of this, more and more people are now being pushed out of their jobs creating risks for unemployment rates to rise once again.

To help you improve your competitiveness amid the height of today's job market competition, here are the tips you can consider:  

Create your Own Resume Template

Downloading and copying some ready-made templates can be tempting especially if you are in a hurry. But you should not forget to add some personal touches. That way you can still impress your employer by letting him or her know that you have invested your time and effort for your job application. It also shows that getting hired is important to you. That's why you're doing everything for it.

Don't Limit Yourself while Searching through Job Search Engines

According to AboutCareer, "Don't limit your job searching to the top job searching sites like Monster or CareerBuilder." Instead, you can check for smaller niche sites that focus on the same career field or geographic location. In that way, you're opening more doors for you to get hired.

Don't Waste Any People's Time

Your hiring managers, recruiters and human resources professionals are oftentimes busy, as noted by US News. So when you are in an interview, don't forget to make your answers short, focused and direct. Also, don't be a person who, just in order to keep popping on the radar, would send multiple job applications during the same week. You'll just end up annoying your employers. Remember, job processes usually take long so you have to be patient.

Struggling to find a place in a very tight job market competition can be a drag. But as long as you take consideration of these few tips, your chances of landing a job will sure be a success.

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