Oct 21, 2015 06:09 PM EDT

Giuliana Rancic Instagram: 'Fashion Police' Host Slams American Cancer Society Over New Breast Mammogram Guidelines

Giuliana Rancic has never been one to shy away from giving her two cents on a subject matter and this time around the center of her criticisms was the American Cancer Society’s new breast mammogram guidelines. She shared on Instagram her strong sentiments over the organization’s new rules for breast cancer screening.

Giuliana Rancic took to Instagram to voice her sentiments over the story that CNN aired in which experts on breast cancer argued that women will get a smaller number of false positives and be sheltered from unnecessary diagnostic testing if and when they’re examined for breast cancer in their later years in life.

Bill Rancic’s wife wrote on the social media app that the report made her “head spin.” With the CNN story as her screenshot, the former E! host said, “American Cancer Society is now recommending women get their first mammogram at 45 instead of 40. Wow. If I had taken that advice, I wouldn’t have found my breast cancer at 36 and instead have found it NINE years later. Who knows how much my cancer would have progressed by then???”

She continued to argue that how can ACS be recommending increasing the age for when should breast mammogram be started when “EARLY detection has an almost 100% five-year survival rate.” Giuliana Rancic ended she would happily take “those test over living with undetected breast cancer any day.”

It’s understandable why the eloquent “Fashion Police” host felt that way over ACS’s latest guidelines for breast cancer detection. Gossip Cop revealed that in 2011, the "Fashion Police" host was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has since been on the road to a full recovery after having her tumors removed via a double lumpectomy in the same year.  

The news of getting screened at 45 years old instead of the past 40 years of age caught her off guard as she herself found out of her cancer while she was just 36 years old, as per Hollywood Life.

Want to know more about American Cancer Society’s freshly released breast cancer protocol?

The new guidelines recommend women with an average chance of having breast cancer should start having mammograms yearly at the age of 45. You can also start getting screened if you want to at an early age of 40. Also, it’s best to start having appointments with your doctor at that age and inquire about the right time to begin screening.

When you reach the age of 55, you can skip breast mammograms every other year but, if a woman wants to have it done yearly, she may do so, as well as continue having it regularly as long as she’s in good health.

Finally, breast exams from self-exams or from a physician are no longer recommended.

The ACS also noted that screening should begin earlier for women at high risk of developing breast cancer due to a breast condition, family history and other valid reasons. What’s important is to talk to a medical care provider if you’re not sure of when to begin getting screened for the disease.

Do you agree with Giuliana Rancic’s Instagram post about the new breast cancer guidelines of the American Cancer Society? Leave a comment below.

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