Oct 27, 2015 08:30 AM EDT

Windows 10 Eternal Patch ANGERED USERS! Latest Windows 10 Patch Begs Users Like A Clingy Girlfriend

Windows 10 Eternal Patch have caused quite a backlash among its users, when apparently, Microsoft accidentally set to upgrade to Windows 10 as a default, rather than an option during a standard updates to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

According to Windows IT Pro, Microsoft received complaints when users were forced to upgrade to the latest operating system by the tech giant. Susan Bradley, a small business server and security MVP and contributor to Windows Secrets, has posted a public complaint, asking for transparency and control over Windows 10 patches.

So far, her complaint/petition in Change.org, received over 3,000 people supporting her. She laid out her case after a recent run in with more crashes right before her trip.

Bradley stated, "Preparing for an upcoming trip overseas, I've taken what I consider to be a drastic step. I booted up the Surface 3 I plan to take with me and turned off Windows 10's updating service. I did so because I know that the machine will be offered updates while I'm away from home."

"I'm not just worried about updates soaking up my mobile-data allowance; I'm more concerned that an update will crash my Surface, and I won't be able to fix it while on vacation. (As most Win10 users know by now, unlike previous versions of Windows, the new OS doesn't give you full control over which updates are installed and when)."

Lastly she said, "I had good reason to worry. Recently, the Surface ended up with a blue screen of death that was fixed only after the updating system installed an Intel video driver."

This complaint apparently put Microsoft in a tough spot since competitors are becoming increasingly aggressive about pushing free updates to functionality, in addition to security for their users.

In a related report by Forbes, the Windows 10 update also hinders users to change their default web browsers, which further angered users.

A leaked Windows 10 build was discovered that when switching to Google Chrome as the default, a pop-up will show up saying that "Give Microsoft Edge a shot."

In addition, the pop-up also says, "before you switch defaults, see what you can do in an app built just for Windows 10." It seems that Microsoft is keen on people using their new web browser.

Similarly, Extreme Tech noted that Windows 10 basically begs you to use their web browser since it also says in large letters, "Don't switch and try it now."

Is this move by Microsoft a big turn-off or are you willing to give it a chance? Hit the comments section below!

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