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Smart Answers To Frequently Asked Job Interview Questions

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Every question asked in a job interview is an opportunity given to you to market yourself, impress your employer and stand amid your other competitors. So to strengthen your edge in the market and increase your chance to get the job, you must never forget to prepare a list of likely questions. Just like what Shweta Khare, a career and job search expert, shared with Forbes, "You can never underestimate the importance of preparation. It's the first step and the most important."

To help you prepare for your job interview, here is a list of questions that interviewers will most likely ask you in a job interview:

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

According to Job Hunt, when employers ask you this question, what they expect from you is an answer that would have a significant impact to their company's bottom line. Try to focus on how you can relate your career and personal goals to their company's vision. Also don't forget to share the areas and skills you want to strengthen your edge to be more competitive during those five years. Your employer will surely love to hear your plans and how you can be an additional strength for the team.

Why should we hire you?

This question can help you market yourself more. Use your answer to show your edge to your employer. Let them know that you are the valuable asset they are looking for. Share with them your skills you think can benefit the company especially those you think other people might not have. Let them know that you don't just meet the criteria they seek, but also have the guts and abilities that can help their company in the future.

Why do you want to get this job?

Your passion for your job can boost your effectiveness and efficiency at work. That's why, as stated in The Muse, companies love to hire people who have the passion for the job. So in order to impress your interviewer, you have to reflect on why you would want to be a part of their company. Does the role greatly fit you? Is the job description something you really like? Dig deeper on your thoughts and identify the factors that made you decide to push through your job interview.

Do you know other questions which employers usually asked in an interview? Share your ideas on the comment section below.

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