Nov 10, 2015 06:00 AM EST

‘1010’ Gram Games: This New Puzzle Could Become Your Next Addiction After Candy Crush Saga

By Alex Cruz

"1010" is a mobile phone app created by Gram Games, and this puzzle game, just like the "Candy Crash Saga," is so addictive that many are now getting hooked with it.

"1010" is being described as closely similar as the ever famous "Tetris." Thing is, the Russian game's blocks drop from above, whereas Gram Games' version can be picked from below.

There is also a grid — yes — and what the player needs to do is work on the blocks, with different shapes, so they will fit together to complete the line or row. If you are able to complete either a line or a row, or both, it disappears thereby giving you more work space.

Gram Games promised that "1010" would not depend on perplex elements, including time limitations, speed ups, etc. The blocks are randomly generated, and the gameplay is as simple as it could be.

"1010" project started in Aug. 2014, according to the game's timeline shown on the developer's site. It was also in August when the company initiated its soft launch, and as of June 2015, the game already has a reported 30 million installs.

How addictive is "1010?" Here's what Business Insider found out on Twitter.

"The app 1010! Has got me so effed up. It's ruining my sleep schedule #addicted," @ Jilaineee tweeted a few months back.

Meanwhile, @heyyitsbiancaa tweeted, "1010 basically consumes my life and I hate how addicted I am to it more than anything."

"1010" can be downloaded for free from Apple's iTunes and Google Play. This latest craze is also available in Amazon.

The common statements that you will find under the users' review for these online stores are "very addictive game" and "great way to pass the time."

Other than "1010," the Turkish-based game developer also made "Railroad Gangs" and "Gran Tower." When the game was released, Gram Games reportedly only had $25,000 left in the bank, but it saved the company when the game trended in Asia.

The other Gram Games were not as successful as "1010" when they were launched, and according to CEO Mehmet Ecevit they learned so much from them. The feedbacks and their self-reflection ultimately contributed to the game's current success.

The development and release of the game were so fast, and when Ecevit was asked what their secret was, he said it was all thanks to their excellent and passionate team. He added during an interview with Develop that Gram Games would continue to strive to create more games that people would love.

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