Nov 12, 2015 06:00 AM EST

[AMAZING] Unlimited Coffee Membership Offered At Fair Folks & A Goat For $25 A Month

Unlimited coffee membership anyone? Fair Folks & A Goat offers this amazing deal for caffeine lovers for the price tag of $25 a month.

Unlimited coffee membership at Fair Folks & A Goat for a monthly due of $25 allows costumers to avail and enjoy their favorite caffeine fix be it coffee, tea, espresso, lemonade and lattes.

Iced lattes make the world go round #eastvillage #nyc #coffeeselfie #25bucksamonth #fairfolksusa photo cred @sandra_rieder A photo posted by Fair Folks & a Goat (@fairfolks) on Jul 14, 2015 at 6:21am PDT

That's not all, Fair Folks & A Goat located at New York City's East Village and Greenwich Village is not only a coffee shop but it's also a retail store where customers who signed in for the unlimited coffee membership can receive a 10 percent discount in all items sold at the stores such as artworks, jewelry and clothes. A member can likewise be first in line to have access to music performances and events hosted by the coffee shop.

Business Insider has learned Fair Folks & A Goat's hip and stylish atmosphere coupled with eager employees who list off the items on their menu has attracted a lot of regular coffee enthusiast since its owners, Anthony and Aurora Mazzei opened its doors in 2012.

If you're always in a need for some caffeine rush and within the locations of Fair Folks & A Goat in New York City better grab the unlimited coffee membership since you get more savings for your money's worth of just $25 a month. With that said, according to Zagat's national coffee survey, an average American has more than 2 cups of coffee drinks per day and the average price for one cup is #3.28. Imagine that.

According to Fox5News, Fair Folks & A Goat's unlimited coffee membership's only rules are: the coffee you ordered has to be for you only be it espresso, latte, cappuccino, iced coffee, cold brew iced coffee or iced latte — whatever your desired coffee drink is and before you can order another round you must have gulped down the one you had before.

However, because the coffee shop's target customers are mostly millennials whose tastes can quickly change, unlimited coffee memberships are month-to-month.

The New York Times reported the English basement turned coffee shop/retail store on Houston Street in Greenwich Village attracted around 1,000 customers who availed of the unlimited coffee membership that they offer.

Nevertheless, non-members can still come in and purchase coffee at the regular rate.

As to how Fair Folks & A Goat got its name, a barista named Will Thompson frequently informs newbies who have yet to sign up for its unlimited coffee membership, "Plot twist: You’re the fair folks.” The goat is in part acknowledgment to a charity, Heifer International, to which a part of member's dues are given and part tribute to the bacchanalian satyr, Pan.

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