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How To Combat Anxiety And Stress While Job Seeking

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The job hunting process can be nerve-racking. That's why most people looking for jobs are usually torn down by stress and frustration. Worst thing is that, the longer they get stuck in it, the more they tend to struggle with depression too. Because of this, their performance during their job search hunt is also greatly affected. Depression causes aspirants to experience sleepless nights, negative attitude, lack of motivation and diminished interview skills. Given all these bad effects, getting hired in their preferred job makes it even more difficult for them.

So how exactly can aspirants combat anxiety and stress while keeping their sanity in check during their job hunt?

Practice Interview with Someone Supportive

Most people thought that practicing would only raise anxiety level. That's why those who are prone to anxiety and stress would often avoid it. But according to the blog Psychology Today, "You'll come across as more confident and less anxious if you've practiced." That's why it's better to practice interview questions with someone who's supportive. Practice those questions that employers might ask. Doing so, aspirants can already answer these questions with confidence and ease during the interview proper.

Always Stay Organized and Focused

The more unorganized and unfocused an aspirant can be, the more he or she is likely to fall victim of being overwhelmed during job hunting process, according to Melody Wilding. That is why it is important to create a plan for each part of the process before thinking too much of it. Break every piece of job search down into smaller, but more manageable tasks. For example, if one is just starting his or her job hunt then one must focus on simple things first. Like searching for companies or organizations that has job openings before anything else. One can search the internet or use job hunting applications for that.

Don't Get Obsessed in One Particular Job

US News shared that, "The best thing for your state of mind is to move on mentally after sending off your application or having an interview." Remember, there is nothing to gain if one keeps on absorbing negative things in his or her mind. Learn to move on. Don't forget that if it's not destined then opportunities will surely slip. So, don't lose hope. Besides, there are still so many job opportunities out there. Just never get tired of trying your best.

It's difficult to keep your cool during your job search, but psychologists and mental health experts state that if one wants to be hired the soonest, staying mentally healthy during the job search is crucial. 

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