Nov 17, 2015 06:00 AM EST

'Fallout 4' Reviews: What Do Critics Think About Bethesda's Recently Released Game?

By Alex Cruz

"Fallout 4" has been released a couple of days ago for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and if there's one common unexpected thing most of the critics are pointing out on several reviews, that would be the plot, missions and quests.

"Fallout 4" doesn't have a generic ending, and how the story or quest plot run towards the end will depend on the gamer's choice. For example, making a choice on which faction you will side on.

Choosing a side is not as easy as one, two, three. You will need to do missions and kill for them if you have to.

At this point, please be warned that there may be some spoilers ahead.

A tech reviewer from Forbes said that he had killed thousands of enemies in several different games, but playing "Fallout 4" was one of the only times when he felt like a murderer.

Apparently, there are several factions in "Fallout 4" — the Minutemen, the Railroad and the Brotherhood of Steel. Then, there's the Institute, which was believed to be the root of all evil.

You'll find out later that The Institute is also one of the factions and its leader happens to be the son of the protagonist. More so, he will ask you to join his faction and along with that decision is a pledge to kill the leaders of the other faction that provided you shelter and tended to your wounds.

Amid the difficult choices and betrayals, Bethesda also made sure that they were blended with the elements of mystery, curiosity, thrill and horror. This is why the inclusion of Salem Witchcraft Museum makes sense.

The museum was one of the many frightening instances in "Fallout 4," the game reviewer stated on Kotaku. She added that what made it exciting was not knowing when you're going to face a horrible creature or have an unexpected, intense encounter.

It was mentioned earlier, that other than the soul-crushing plot, "Fallout 4" has also included exciting quests, and Tech Times enumerated some of what they thought were the best missions. They include Unlikely Valentine, Show No Mercy, The Glowing Sea, Pull The Plug, The Lost Patrol, Last Voyage Of The USS Constitution, Devil's Due, and The Silver Shroud.

It has been reported that there were some problems in the gameplay of, but critics believe that the storyline is one of the best things, which happened in "Fallout 4."

Steam rated the game 7/10, 9/10 for GameSpot and 4.5/5 from Metacritic.

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