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Job Hunting Tips While Pregnant

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According to the US Department of Labor, 72 million women are hunting jobs in the US workforce. Given this data, it is possible that some of these women are indeed pregnant while hunting for their preferred jobs. This only shows that being pregnant is not a reason to put off a job search. But though that's the case, it is still a main factor that affects job search results especially if they are nearly due or expecting for more than one baby.

That is why pregnant candidates need to market and prove their skills to their future employers more compared to other regular job search candidates. A pregnant aspirant has to show that she is the right person fitted for the job and is also well prepared for both new phases of her life. According to the Huffington Post, if done properly, there is still a great possibility a candidate can get hired despite being pregnant.

Looking for job while pregnant is difficult, but these tips can be of great help:

Consider obligations

Having a baby also means having more responsibilities and added day-to-day duties, as stated in Careerealism. That's why if a woman wants a balanced future work and personal life, it's important to consider parental and job obligations, responsibilities and duties first before competing in a job search. Think of how one's future lifestyle of being a mom can affect a new job. Determine the factors that can affect it, and consider them carefully.

Be positive

Pregnant women often feel negative toward themselves. Most of them think they are already getting fat or worse already not as beautiful as what they were before. But one should remember, "Pregnancy makes a woman radiant." So don't feed that negative feeling inside, let that confidence shine. Learn to delight in that wonderful situation. Besides, negativity can be projected in one's appearance and would only create negative impressions. No one wants to give that to future employers.

Pay attention to benefits

Pregnant candidates must choose to work with an employer or company that offers great and desirable benefits. So it is better to discuss about it with employers first. Never be afraid or shy about it. Remember, it is part of the total compensation, so it is important to settle these things as soon as possible.

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing. So don't look at it as a hindrance to reach personal goals and desires in life. Use these tips to have an edge as one competes in the job market.

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