Nov 21, 2015 08:25 AM EST

The PlayStation Is Hell-Bent On Console Domination: Sony To Bring PlayStation 2 Games To The PS4

Owning a PlayStation 4 have never been sweeter.

Because, according to Engadget, Sony seems to be hell bent on dominating the console wars, because it's working on to bring PlayStation 2 games to the PS4.

This comes after the news that Xbox One would be backwards compatible and play Xbox 360 games. However, many turned to Sony to see what the Japanese-console maker is going to do and it did not disappoint.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Sony is going to one-up the XBox and bring even older generation games to the current generation.

As said in a company statement, "We are working on utilizing PS2 emulation technology to bring PS2 games forward to the current generation."

However, the company did not state any other information this time. As noted, the news broke after it was confirmed that several PlayStation 2 "Star Wars" games included in the "Star Wars Battlefront" Bundle for the PlayStation 4 will be running as emulated games, rather than being ported to the console itself.

The games included in the bundle are the "Star Wars: Bounty Hunter," "Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter," "Star Wars Racer: Revenge" and the "Super Star Wars" with all four titles sharing a single PSN code, opposed to a physical disc included with the hardware.

And as for the controls of these PS2 games, the "select" and "start" button buttons have been mapped to either side of the DualShock 4's touchpad.

In addition to that, when playing the emulated games, a PS2 logo will appear when you launch it.

According to Euro Gamer, it's actually been a long time since the first time Sony's announced its plans on working on a PS2 emulator. Some game journalists even thought that the company has shelved the project. However, with this new announcement coming to light, gamers and critics alike are getting excited on how this will fare.

As noted by the report, the PlayStation 4's PS2 emulator will now be available and is now going to be released with little to no hype.

And although the old titles were upscaled, gamers are advised not to expect sharp PS4-quality graphics since this is an emulation, rather than a porting or remastering of the PS2 games.

According to the report, original PlayStation 2 titles ran at a range of pixel counts, but 512x448 and 640x448 were the norm. It's still early days in Engadget's analysis, but the first impressions suggest that the emulator resolves a native resolution of 1292 x 896.

With the technology already available many are now left wondering, what other PlayStation 2 games will Sony release for the PS4?

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