Nov 27, 2015 06:00 AM EST

Mistakes Most Aspirants Commit During A Phone Job Interview

Phone interview is the next step after an aspirant catches the recruiter's attention by submitting an impeccable application. It is one of the processes recruiters use to know more about the applicant's skills and information after he or she passed the first phase of his or her job search, according to the blog, The Interview Guys. This opportunity is something that every aspirant must not waste especially that it can lead to a much greater chance of getting the job one has ever wanted. With success, it becomes the key to a much more significant chapter of job search, and that is the all-important traditional in-person job interview process.

Because people don't know how important it is to prepare for a phone job interview, they oftentimes blow this opportunity most of the time. That's the reason why it's also important to take note of the mistakes most people commit during a phone interview so that everyone can learn from it.

Here are some of those mistakes:

Getting distracted

One of the things that an aspirant must always remember is to never let oneself get distracted. It's better to stay away from the things that might distract aspirants to focus on his or her job interview. One can turn off the TV and not just to mute it. Also, US News posted that it's better if one keeps pets away during the call. These furry balls may create sounds that can annoy or divert the recruiter's attention away from the aspirant.

Using the cell phone for the interview

Using a mobile phone for the screening can be too risky and can cause technical problems. It's been said that the probability a phone might not work properly, especially with regards to its signal and battery strength, is just too high. So, if it's possible, better to use landline for the process, as stated in the business website, Cube rules.

Taking control of the interview

This interview will require an aspirant to talk about oneself to impress his or her employer. But that doesn't mean that one should not try to be a good listener too. So remember, don't take control of the conversation. The recruiter should be the one guiding the aspirant with the process and not the other way around. An aspirant's focus must lie only on how to go with the process flow and not lead

Remember, job interviews should be about creating positive impressions. So, no matter how critical the phone interview is, one must learn to overcome and nail the process properly in order to get hired in the job the aspirant desires. Consider this list and never do the same mistake others did.

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