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Don'ts For Achieving The Perfect Job Interview Look For Women

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Creating good impressions is one of the most important things an aspirant must do during a job interview. Aside from accomplishing an effective cover letter and outstanding resume, the aspirant must also convey how professional she is with her outside appearance. That's why it's crucial for a female applicant to also take time to prepare for her job interview outfit as well. Besides, just as stated in the fashion website, Pop Sugar, "When you feel confident about your looks, you'll be able to focus on presenting your qualifications."

So to give every female aspirant ideas on the things one must not do, here are the tips that can help her achieve the perfect look that will enable her to nail an interview:

Don't forget to put the highlight on the eyes

During an interview, it's important to keep an eye contact with the recruiter most of the time. This gesture shows focus and seriousness, two of the characteristics most employers love to see from their candidates. That's why as an aspirant does her makeup, it's crucial to put the emphasis on the eyes. Just make sure to only use water proof makeup set. Smudginess doesn't show professionalism, according to Fustany. And nobody wants that.

Don't go extreme with makeup

When a female wants to look good, some of them tend to go extreme with their makeup. But when it comes to achieving the perfect interview look, less is more beautiful. That's why one must avoid heavy eyeliners and bright colored eye shadows. Heavy, cake-on foundation and overly glossed lips are also a big "no." For the nails, female aspirants should also avoid using bright colors or anything with glitters in it. Remember, the goal for the look is to simply keep everything simple yet sophisticated.

Don't wear strong and heavy perfume

Strong scents might intimidate a recruiter. That's why it's better to choose one that's mild. To know what perfume is best to wear in an interview, aspirants may ask ideas from her family and friends. Better ask for some comments or suggestions regarding what perfume is best to wear for the big day. Or if an aspirant wants to be sure, better not wear any perfume during the job interview anymore.

"Interview beauty can be tricky because you want to make sure you're making a good impression, while still looking natural and chic," as posted in College Fashion, That's why don't just experiment with one's final interview outfit. Instead, consider these tips.

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