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Don'ts For Achieving The Perfect Job Interview Look For Men

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Male aspirants may probably have the most effective resume and cover letters. They may also have researched about possible interview questions and practiced it by heart. But for them to succeed in a job interview, things as these are still not enough, as stated in the business fashion blog, Real Men Real Style. Other than these things, aspirants must also focus on how to get good and positive feedbacks from his recruiter even at first glance. One way to do that is by preparing and perfecting one's job interview attire.

So to help these male aspirants in reaching their job hunting goals, considering these steps is a good way to start one's plans in perfecting his job interview attire:

Don't expose the tattoos

Tattoos are remarkably common as of today. But it is still not good for an aspirant that aims to give a good impression. As stated in the article posted in The Week, "Tattoos are fine if they're not highly visible," according to Hilary Pearl, founder of Pearl Associates, an executive coaching and organizational consulting firm in Greenwich, Conn. That's why if a male aspirant has a tattoo but still wanted to be interviewed for more than 5 minutes, he must make sure to keep it hidden. Keeping it under his suit is a great idea.

Don't forget to only keep jewelry at minimum

When it comes to wearing jewelry and accessories, the main thing that an aspirant must always remember is to keep it less and simple. Aside from the wedding ring, another ring or two is still acceptable only if it's not with scull or huge accents on it. It's better to keep it that way especially that most aspirants are not aware of the interviewer's standpoint regarding that kind of fashion.

Don't wear slip-ons

Slip-ons of any kind will only ruin one's business professional attire. As what NY Daily News has posted in their page, "Do not wear jeans, tennis shoes, shorts, t-shirts, hats, flip-flops, or any garments with messages or brands written on them," said Trevor Simm, founder and president of OpalStaff. They are good for casual style and traveling but it's a big "NO" during an interview process. Some people might already know about this but others still don't understand. Wearing clothes and accessories that are too casual is one of the most common mistakes a job seeker commits.

Any more ideas about the things a man should not do in perfecting his business attire outfit? Share the ideas by writing it in the comment section box below.

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