Nov 30, 2015 06:00 AM EST

Will The Nintendo NX Be A Success Or A Dud? Analysts Says It Has Good Chance Of Failing

Nintendo NX was declared by video game analyst Michael Pachter to have about 40 percent of chance to fail or if you're an optimist, 60 percent of success.

According to Design & Trend, the Nintendo NX is quite a mysterious device and Michael Pacther said that with that, it has a great chance to fail. He said that at best, it might be a convergence device that may sell to PlayStation 4's milestone of 30 million units.

The news arrived in the latest episode of "The Pachter Factor" wherein he discussed what the console will be, how it will sell and what will Nintendo do if it flops.

He said that when it comes to the Nintendo NX, the first major question that should be addressed is what unique features it will bring to the already competitive table. And like many other video game analysts in the industry, Pachter said that the hardware of the console will be some kind of "convergence device."

But his theory mandates that its link may be with mobile gadgets rather than the 3DS portables. He added, "I think you will see Nintendo games launch on NX and maybe on mobile later."

Gaming Bolt expressed a similar sentiment and reported that this could be a kind of "foot in the door" the Nintendo NX needs, considering that it will be launched about two years later than the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

According to Wii U Daily, Pachter also pointed out that all this about sales number is just really pure speculations, especially since the Japanese console maker is not letting anyone get a good hard look or at the least, one where they can talk about the Nintendo NX.

It seems that the upcoming Nintendo console does not get a lot of love from the analyst since earlier this month, he said that the Nintendo NX is doomed.

He reiterated that the reason for its potential failure will come from lack of key third-party support.

He said, "If Nintendo gets the same level of support for NX that it got for the Wii U, it's doomed before it launches,"

The game critic also lamented that the reason that the NX may lack support from developers is it might require a whole "different language" when it comes to codes or programming schemes, while also saying that only those that are Nintendo enthusiast will buy the console.

However, he backtracked a bit on his statements and said that if Nintendo shows more information, he has "the right to change his mind."

With the latest statement from him that said it has "60 percent of success," it seems that little by little, he is doing exactly that.

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