Nov 30, 2015 06:24 AM EST

PS4 Remote Play Is Coming To Mac & PC

The PS4 remote Play is coming to the PC and Mac according to Sony Computer Entertainment President Shuhei Yoshida.

As reported by Forbes, in a recent tweet by Yoshida, he revealed that PlayStation 4's remote play feature will be both offered to the PC and Mac in the near future.

To explain, Remote Play is a feature that originated during the PlayStation 3's heyday and allowed people with a PlayStation Portable and later, a PlayStation Vita, to play their PS3 games via a network connection.

Back then, it was a cool feature and is still is now. When remote play arrived on the PlayStation 4, you can play your games with either having a VIta, a PlayStation TV or even an Xperia phone.

But now, after years of clamoring from fans, the nifty feature from Sony is coming to the PC and Mac.

Tech First Post reported that the buzz for the feature came when an independent developer announced that it's working on an unofficial Remote Play app for Windows device. However, it seems that Sony recognized the hype it made and decided to work on an official PS4 Remote Play.

According to Tech Crunch, imagine you want to play the latest PS4 games, but either your kid, sibling or even your significant other is using the TV. Wouldn't be neat that even though they are using it, you can still play your games via your trusted PC or even your Mac?

In a similar note, Xbox One also released a similar feature. Microsoft enabled remote play for the PC, but it has to run on Windows 10, which is unfortunate for Mac users.

However, given the right setup, you can play Xbox One games at 60 games per second in 1080p on your PC.

But as always, latency and image quality can be an issue and it will depend on the power of your local network. There's a great chance that players would not get 60 frames per second if their PC or Xbox One uses Wi-Fi. But if their using Ethernet all the way, then it should not be a problem.

In addition to this news, it was also revealed earlier that the PS4 will also soon be able to play PlayStation 2 games via emulation, leading to pundits to say that Sony is trying to broaden the feature of the PS4.

With announcements of Remote Play for PC and Mac, along with PS2 backward compatibility, the latest Sony console is becoming more rounded and fun to play better than ever.

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