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Holiday Sales: 5 Marketing Tips For Your Business Over The Christmas Rush

Holiday sales are what most businesses aspire to pick up as customers and clients give in to the Christmas rush.

Holiday sales are expected to rise this season as small and big businesses get ready to meet the increasing demands at this busiest time of the year.

In order to enhance your chances of having a cheerful holiday sales, it's important to have a headstart among your competitors. You need to be well prepared and innovative to capture the interests of your clientele.

Here are 5 marketing tips for your business in the midst of the Christmas rush.

1. Track Inventory

Whatever it is you're selling or offering to the public, your holiday sales depend on what is in your inventory and how you keep track of the products that's in-demand.

Small Business Trends suggested that by taking a look at the previous year's holiday sales can be a good gage on what items should be on stocks so as not to run out of them. Remember, shelves stocked with unmoving items is a loss.

2. Create A Marketing Strategy

For this holiday season, it is of utmost importance for businesses to have a marketing strategy such as promotions and gimmicks to attract shoppers. For example, offering special loyalty promos to customers can be achieved by way of the internet, most especially social media. It's free and can reach out to a lot of people.

According to Financial Post, you can even make use of your website and make a holiday gift list tailored for the price such as "Gifts under $20" or for individuals such as "Gifts for her."

Another one would be offering holiday sale coupon codes or discount such as "Enter code (XXXX) to receive a price off."

3. Minimize Extended Work Load

Kim Garst, branding and social media expert advises owners to take good care of its employees during the holidays.

"Let them know you appreciate them. A small thank-you gift can go a long way."

In line with this, owners of small businesses should also refrain from doing back office chore. Take advantage of the advancement in technology that can minimize the burden of performing tasks like billing, accounting, presenting and automating business transactions and collecting customer data.

Laura Miller, Ink app president from Chase said, “These technologies can quickly and easily provide small business owners with more time and flexibility to focus on growing and maintaining the business.”

4. Make A List Of Key Days This Holiday Season

Mark off calendars and plan out strategies to make shopping easy for customers, as per
Hannukah: December 6, Sunday - December 14, Monday
Christmas Eve: December 24, Thursday
Christmas Day: December 25, Friday
Kwanzaa: December 26, Saturday – January 1, Friday
Return & Exchanges Day: December 26, Saturday

5. Stay On Top Of Sales And Expenses

Despite the hectic pace for the coming holiday sales, monitor income and expenses, keep track of receipts and take the time to audit checks and balances as soon as possible.

Hopefully, these tips can help you achieve a higher holiday sales for the coming Christmas rush.

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