Dec 03, 2015 08:06 AM EST

Microsoft’s Intel-Powered Windows 10 Microsoft Phone Is A Laptop Smartphone?

Microsoft is reportedly crafting a smartphone that will go down in history as a Surface phone. As its specs, features and other particularities will be very impressive, it can be considered a powerful device that is comparable to a laptop or a personal computer.

According to Windows Central, a Microsoft Surface Phone may be slated for a second half release next year despite the cancellation of the release of a Windows 10 phone in May 2016 as claimed by several rumormongers 

Apparently, the engineering team led by Panos Panay responsible for the creation of Microsoft Surface and Surface Book is back once again to offer some new tech into the market.

Though exact details about the Microsoft Surface Phone remains unknown at the moment, many are claiming that the new smartphone would be a killer in terms of hardware, software and other features.

The phone is currently being referred to as "Panos's phone" and it is reportedly going to rock a powerful chipset from Intel. Sources even say that it could run on a x86 chipset or something more powerful than than the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon chips in the market.

Per Tech Radar, the conception of the Surface phone may have been propelled by the fact that Panay was not pleased with the Lumia flagship and since he has received a promotion to govern the Microsoft devices, he is going for it with a big plan in mind — one that utilizes the Surface brand.

Meanwhile, Tech Times noted that earlier word about the product divulged that it could feature high-end productivity stuff like the USB Type-C port and Continuum.

The ultimate vision for this smartphone is also big since it could possibly run not only apps from the Windows Store but as well as classic Win32 apps, making it a competitive portable computer that can fit a pocket.

And though Microsoft has not confirmed the possibility that it is releasing a Microsoft Surface Phone in 2016, corporate vice president Joe Belfiore already hinted that they are creating a premium phone that will be part of the Surface line. 

Fans can expect the device to arrive during the second half of 2016. Some tipsters even speculate that an August release is possible. Others are saying that it could be out during the fourth quarter. 

What do you think of the Microsoft Surface Phone? Sound off in the comments section below. 

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