Dec 08, 2015 07:30 AM EST

Man Vs. Machines: New Studies Show That Technology & Robots Will Not Take Away Jobs From Humans But Will Generate More Work

Man vs. Machines, the battle between the two is on especially in terms of jobs. For many years, people have always fear the invention of machines because, as more items are being automated, people are starting to lose their jobs since manual work is not needed anymore.

And in this era, much has changed and the progress in technology has gone so far already. In fact, robots that serve as helpers, cars that can drive by itself, and even a software that can diagnose medical conditions are now out in the public and working side by side with the humans. These advances offer many benefits but is the rise of these super machines good news?

Yes, it could be. This is because, though it may appear that human jobs are becoming vulnerable to technology, one researcher discovered that rather than causing people to go jobless, the rise of the machines is actually generating more jobs that can never be imagined.

The author of the study published by the Boston University of Law, James Bessen, said that he investigated the link between technology and human jobs and he shared what he found out by saying: "I look at detailed occupations since 1980 to explore whether computers are related to job losses or other sources of wage inequality. Occupations that use computers grow faster, not slower. This is true even for highly routine and mid-wage occupations."

To sum it up, Bessen said that his research debunked the impressions that machines is a cause of unemployment. The author carried out the study by utilizing government data of 241 fields of business between 1980 and 2013. He focused on analyzing how various occupations have adjusted to use of machines.

Likewise, the research shows that machines is not making human jobs obsolete but a huge number of jobs are created especially in the fields of Information Technology and creative businesses.

For people who still think that robots and automated machines will make them jobless, think about this, the machines work effectively and they do a good job in particular tasks they were programmed to do. However, there are occupations that they can't replace no matter what. Independent listed few jobs that humans can do better than even the most sophisticated robots, and here are three examples:


Since machines are assembled, they will always require mechanics to check on them so they will continue to work properly. Humans invented machines so they are the only ones that can make them function in the way they should.

Doctors and Surgeons

Doctors spend many years training to become medical professionals. And, in the case of surgeons, they train even longer to understand complex conditions and be able to treat their patients. Machines will never achieve this level of human intellect and senses needed to perform successful operations.


This job needs a lot of thinking. Finding faults and coming up with arguments to defend a client is simply impossible for any machines or human-like robots to do.

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