Dec 10, 2015 06:11 AM EST

'Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 4' PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC Release Soon? Wii U & PS Vita Update To Follow

If you've been following the "Minecraft: Story Mode" closely, we have great news because the episode 4 release date was just announced.

As reported by Shack News, "Minecraft" publisher Telltale Games has revealed the fourth episode of the "Minecraft: Story Mode" and it will be called "Order Up!" According to reports, the latest episode is slated to be released later this month.

According to Gaming Bolt, this new episode will bring one of the storylines to a close entirely, as confirmed by the game's publisher and will connect it to the game's "mysterious" fifth episode that is scheduled for a 2016 release. Although the description is a bit vague as of now, Telltale promised that it will release more details for both upcoming episodes soon.

Video Gamer has learned that the "Minecraft: Story Mode" launched on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xboxe 360 and the PC back in October, with additional episodes launching every 2 to 4 weeks of interval.

There are also reports that the "Story Mode" in the game will be released to the Wii U and PS Vita sometime in 2016.

Its last episode called "The Last Place You Look," was launched last November and garnered mix to positive reviews. According to BlogCritics, the game is surprisingly more action-oriented than the episode 2, but noted that that it's still best suited for gamers aged 10 to 12 years old.

The title sequence of the game was particularly praised and was said that it really does get the player in to the groove with quick time events. And most of the time, these fast sequences are just "one-offs" after a long cutscene, which makes the player grab the controller quickly.

Ever since the launch of "Minecraft: Story Mode," game critics seem divided regarding the game. Some argued that it takes away the fun regarding the game's "open-endedness," while some loved the idea of this title having a unique narrative experience.

But for all its limitations, "Minecraft" is the kind of game that is really targeted at a specific audience. Sure, hardcore gamers looking for action-packed games with stunning graphics may be turned off, but that is not what the game is all about.

The attempt to make the game like a typical RPG title is commendable, but it also does not try to be more than it really is - a fun game intended to keep your spare time worthwhile.

Our verdict: play the game and take it at face value because no one is saying that it's the next "The Last Of Us."

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