Dec 10, 2015 04:53 PM EST

Facebook Security Checkup Tool: Here's How It Works On Android

Facebook's security checkup tool is now available on your Android phone or tablet.

The Facebook security checkup tool would like to prevent dozens of your friends from tagging almost everyone on Earth with suspiciously malicious advertisements. Thus, the Web version of the security measure that has been introduced by the company previously on the desktop can now be accessible on Android.

With the rising cases of compromised Facebook accounts all over the world, it's best for users of the popular social media platform to be extra vigilant when it comes to protecting their account. A huge reason that you should not delay in checking out Facebook's security checkup tool.

According to Engadget, Facebook's security check up tool landed Tuesday, Dec. 8 on Android following the desktop version last July. The security feature will soon arrive on iOS.

Facebook product manager, Melissa Luu-Van confirmed the news via its website. She said, "Starting today [Tuesday], you can use the Security Checkup tool on your Android device to review and add more security to your account," as per Gadgets 360.

In a nutshell, Facebook's updated security checkup tool allows you to quickly scrutinize your present account settings and toughen sharing controls.

Access the Facebook security checkup tool on the social media's Help Centre.

So, how does Facebook security checkup tool work on Android? Here are three ways your account can be more secure:

1. Facebook security checkup can screen your chosen password.

Facebook security checkup tool reviews your password and gives out necessary suggestion if the secret code is not strong enough.

2. Facebook security checkup tool alerts users of suspicious login.

Facebook will immediately inform you if someone is accessing your account from a doubtful and suspicious browser or unfamiliar location. There is an option where users can choose to activate Login Alerts wherein they will be notified via emails or regular advisory whenever a new browser or device is used to login to their account.

However, Android Police revealed you will likely be alerted when you log in from a "business center" of hotels than from an existing fraud attempt.

3. Facebook security checkup tool aids users to log out from devices and browsers that have not been using the social network for some time.

This last security feature that Facebook has made available for Android comes in handy when you failed to log out of the said remote area like the mentioned hotel booth.

Would you try Facebook's security checkup tool on your Android phone?

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