Dec 14, 2015 07:09 AM EST

PSA: Jailbreaking Is ILLEGAL But PlayStation 4 Jailbreak Now Possible Claims Hacker

Thanks to a hacker that goes by the name CTurt, you can now enjoy free games and more to your PlayStation 4 as he confirmed that the video game console can now be jailbroken.

But before you do that, please do note that jailbreaking is illegal.

As reported by The Verge, if you're interested in installing unauthorized third-party software to your PlayStation 4 and to an extent, your Xbox One, remember that according to the 1998 Digital Milennium Copyright Act or DMCA, it is considered highly illegal.

The reason for this may be attributed to the fact that regulators does not trust the gaming community not to steal.

But back in October, the U.S. Library of Congress issued a series of exemptions to a controversial provision of the MDCA that prohibits bypassing copyright protections, even if bypassing those restrictions is not exactly intended to steal propriety information.

As reported, the exemptions include almost every consumer technology device that you use, from handsets, TVs and even 3D printers, but unfortunately, video game consoles were not part of the exemptions.

So the point still stands, jailbreaking your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One is still illegal. Having said that, a hacker known as CTurt previously announced that he is working on a PS4 kernel exploit that will allow homebrew content to run on the console.

And now, he said that the console can now be "officially" jailbroken through the kernel exploit he worked on.

As reported by Gear Nuke, according to him, the PlayStation 4 jailbreak allows the ability to dump system RAM from other processes. Simply put, users are likely to see custom firmware for the console anytime soon and with the ability to use homebrew content.

However, please note that the existing hack for the console seems to only work on firmware 1.76, though CTurt said that it could be made to work on higher firmware versions.

And again, jailbreaking the PS4 opens the gate for piracy ranging from movies, songs and games.

This is not the first time that Sony's console was jailbroken, if users may recall correctly, the PlayStation Portable and the PlayStation 3 were favorite targets of "jailbreakers."

In an old report by PCWorld, a group of hackers from China claimed that they have created a USB dongle that lets you play pirated and homemade games on a retail version of the PS3 by converting it to a "debug" unit. A debug unit is a special version of the console that is used by developers to access non-retail versions of games.

So if you're interested on interested in jailbreaking your PlayStation 4, do so at your own risk.

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