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Job Interview Guide For Fresh Graduates

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Most graduates do well in their job search. Despite the stress and anxiety it could bring, they still know how to manage things, how to stand out amid other competitors, and do well in the job seekers' market. But when it comes to the job interview, most of them fail. These fresh graduates forget how important preparation is for that phase of job search too.

Hence, should new graduates wish to get their dream jobs, they must consider preparing for their job interview. These tips can be of great help:

Focus on the strength

During a job interview, an aspirant's goal must be to impress his or her interviewers. It's important to not give his or her hiring manager a chance to talk about the things and skills they lack.

Let's face it, no one is perfect. So how can an aspirant make himself or herself appear the best candidate for the position?

One way is to learn how to focus on marketing his or her strengths to the interviewer. Just make sure not to oversell oneself. Like what has been posted in Careerealism, "While it's good to be enthusiastic, energetic, and positive during your interview -- don't oversell yourself." Doing so would just give a negative impression toward the hiring manager and no one wants that.

Learn to be professional

Wearing jeans, t-shirt, shorts or some random top that shows some skin might be the best and the most comfortable outfit to wear for some youngsters in this generation. But unfortunately when it comes to job interview, these outfits are a huge NO.

To help these new graduates find their dream jobs they have to invest a bit of their time and resources for a professional suit and outfit perfect to nail their job interview. According to SearchPathArabia, "Invest a little bit of time to put together a dark-colored business suit (for men) and a jacket and matching pants or knee-length skirt (for ladies)."

Don't forget to ask questions too

In order to demonstrate strategic thinking and passion for the job opportunity, asking questions during an interview is a great start. Make sure to prepare questions about future plans and work culture of the company. Just don't forget to avoid asking questions about salary and staff benefits. It is also not good to ask regarding rumors that circulate around the company or how quickly one can get promoted, as stated in JobSearch,

The job interview is one of the most important pieces of the job search process. So if a new graduate would like to reach his or her job search success, he or she should never fail to remember and follow these guidelines.

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