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3 Talks To Help You Deal With Stressful Situations

Good performance is commonly hampered by stress, or so we think. Although many people consider anxiety as a bad aspect, still many successful professionals consider it as a good motivating mechanism as it can push an individual to perform under pressure. Stress can help people think more and push themselves to the limit and eventually help them succeed to the top.

Whatever might be stressing you out, here are some stress talks, delivered by experts who experienced the same difficulty but managed to overcome it with their technique. Now, they are trekking around the globe to help people manage their stress and become productive through it.

How To Stay Calm

Dr Daniel Levitin, a neuroscientist said that always remember not to stress yourself out. Normally, people freaked out under pressure and commonly handle it by taking a deep breath, but he said it is much better not to be stressed out in the first place.

Dr Levitin calls the tactic "pre- mortem," in which you foresee what could possibly go awry. Then after some forecasting, put it in your system to prevent suffering from stress when the possible problem arise.

Think Of Stress As Your Friend

Kelly McGonigal who is a psychologist from Stanford University said that stress only becomes an enemy if you think of it that way. In a bid to help everyone dealing with stress, she made a study on how to deal with it. Now, she is offering ways to handle it in a healthy way.

10 Minutes Mindful Minutes

Andy Puddicombe, a millionaire and an entrepreneur, said that all it takes is just a 10 minute mental health break once a day to handle stress. He said practicing this method can calm you down and eventually return to the center once you're done relaxing your mind.

Puddicombe learned the technique after he left everything behind and became a monk in Himalayas. Luckily, you can learn how to meditate with his help and doesn't have to climb a hill to learn the method.

To learn more about their techniques, click here.

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