Jan 11, 2016 07:30 PM EST

Music Fans Rekindle Their Love for Vinyl; The Long Obsolete Black Disks are Back

Vinyl records seem to be forgotten over time due to rapid advancement of technology. Today, apps like Spotify, iTunes Music, and a whole bunch of other software and applications, people are able to access their favorite songs and beats more easily. But, according to the musc sales recorder Nielsen, the long obsolet black discs are back.

The format is once again popularized, making up 12 percent of all album sales in the US. Vinyl sales have also hit a 20-year high in the UK. Meanwhile, according to the Recording Industry Association of America, compact discs (CDs) are in decline.

Due to the hype over vinyl records, companies like Sony and Audio-Technica have announced new record player turntables for the vinyl lovers of today. Not only can those modern turntables play vinyls, but can also record uoscale audio for the users to be able to play and listen to their music elsewhere.

According to Sony Australia producat specialist Andrew Hughes, the reason why people still have love for vinyl is because it is one of the greatest physical representation of art.  "One of my friends who buys vinyl told me that he likes having a physical copy of an album. He likes to collect music like he collects art and books. Even the covers are like a piece of art," he tells Sky News

Just last year, british brand Tesco became the first UK supermarket to revive vinyl, selling an Iron Maiden album. "In the last year, we began selling record decks in our largest stored and initial sales are very encouraging. So giving our customers some new vinyl to play on those decks seems like the next logical step. The trend for vinyl doesn't seemto be confined to one particular age group. Parents are getting their old vinyl albums down from the loft and teenagers are discovering the joys of the 12 inch record for the first time", Tesco music buyer Michael Mulligan says. 

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